Train Athletes to Use Their Influence

Minnesota Viking’s Quarterback, Kirk Cousins, appeared as one of the guest speakers at the Athlete in Action’s 2020 Super Bowl Breakfast. Bringing his Bible on stage, Kirk shares with the nearly 1500 guests in attendance that while he has a playbook for football games, this book, the Bible, is his “Playbook for Life.”

“Thank you, God, that my life isn’t built on football…because if my life is built on football, it would just crumble. I had made a decision, a GOOD decision, many years ago as a young man to build my life on this make Jesus my master.”

This is what we’re about every day at Athletes in Action -- equipping athletes to use the influence & platform of sport to bring a message of hope to the world. We serve athletes on more than 200 college campuses, 65 professional teams, and in more than 60 countries in order to send a Christ follower to every team, in every sport, in every nation.

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