International Staff Crisis Relief

The AIA Global Leadership Council estimates that staff in 30 different nations are facing extreme financial hardship this spring.

Some of our international staff families live month-to-month, or even day-to-day. With the unique financial challenges present during this global pandemic, our desire is to get assistance funds into their hands soon.

  • Your gift will help families like the one in Nigeria, who can't afford to pay rent but don't have any options to move.
  • Your gift will meet the needs of families like the one in Manila, who without your help, won't be able to get groceries.
  • Your gift will go directly to the needs of international staff that as you may have guessed, are greater during this pandemic.

This fund is specifically for staff serving with AIA. Any donations made to the relief fund will not carry the 7% assessment and will be distributed as quickly as possible.

Whatever you are able to give, we thank you in advance for your financial partnership to aid our global staff family!