Athletes Growing "Off the Court"

Despite heartbreak after the loss of their sport due to COVID restrictions, athletes across the country find themselves with unexpected free time. Although practicing on the court or field may be ruled out, these student-athletes are eager to learn and develop other skills.

And as the saying goes, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

For many, that window is a free, three-day, online Leadership Academy hosted by Athletes in Action.

The goal of the Academy is to equip, empower and encourage leaders (or emerging leaders) to effectively impact their teams. This is a great resource for driven athletes who want to develop as leaders in and out of their sport.

Each day, participants log onto a 2-hour video call where they hear from influential leaders including current and former WNBA coaches. They take assessments to help them grow in their natural leadership style, and engage with each other in focused, practical Bible-based leadership training.

Once the Academy wraps up, participants receive a personal development plan, as well as follow-up emails with articles on leadership, links to videos and other resources to help athletes grow. They also get plugged in to online small groups and Bible studies to help them stay connected with a like-minded Christian community.

In the words of one young woman after she completed the Academy:

“My biggest takeaway from this camp was learning that I am not alone in my feelings. I also learned that I am equipped to be a great leader …. I plan to use everything I learned in my upcoming season!”

The first Academy had a capacity of 50 participants. But an additional 62 had to be put on a waiting list. Because of the great response, Athletes in Action hosted another Leadership Academy the next week, and all 62 attended - praise God! And the word is getting out. Inquiries are pouring in asking about upcoming events.

As the popularity of the Academy grows, it reveals a clear fact:

God is moving in the hearts of student-athletes around the world. Despite the fear and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, God is moving.

But another truth has also come to light:

In order to keep the Academy, and other life-changing resources free, we need your help.

The door to reach student-athletes for Christ is open like never before. The only obstacle is a lack of funding.

As the year comes to a close, would you consider giving so more athletes can hear the gospel and grow in their faith?

In today’s society, athletes have a platform and influence that’s almost unparalleled. When an athlete speaks, people listen. That’s why investing in the lives of athletes isn’t just an investment in the athletes themselves, it’s an investment in all the people around them.

Your partnership is vital in helping mentor young athletes and raise up a new generation of faith-filled leaders. Your gift helps reach student-athletes with the gospel, and trains them in their faith so they can reach others.

Your gift of $25, $50, or even $100 will make an eternal difference in the lives of student-athletes. And because athletes' spheres of influence are so large - your gift goes even further.

Any amount you give will echo through gyms, campuses and whole communities with the power of Christ.

Thank you for your generosity so that athletes can hear the gospel and grow in their faith!