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A new application system for all Cru ministries was launched September 4th. For those who already have an application in process you are still able to log back into the previous ap system and complete it.  You will use the same link as before, "". For those just starting an application make sure you download the online instruction sheet below which will give you the new link.

We’re excited that you’re interested in joining the staff of Athletes in Action! Here’s a detailed overview of the application process. It will save you time if read this entire page BEFORE you begin your application.

Application Process

1.     First, read the additional application information that is specific to your potential employment category: full-time, intern, STINT or part-time. Please note: full-time applicants applying without their spouse under the new "Married with Non-Staff Spouse" category must be familiar with all of the specifics of this category and submit a pre-application questionnaire before completing an application (see the full-time applicant page for more information). Part-time applicants must also first submit a part-time pre-application questionnaire before completing an application (see the part-time applicant page for more information).

2.     Make sure you know your application deadline and what that deadline includes (references, fee etc.) BEFORE starting an online application. Deadlines are listed in the additional information pages for your employment category. Also, make sure you have looked at the debt limits for coming on as full time,  intern or Stint PRIOR to applying as this may impact you in some way. For more information click here.

3.     Start your application here by downloading  the online application instruction sheet. Follow the instructions closely to avoid difficulties.

4.     Find out what references you will need:

·      Full-time applicants: A total of six references are needed - a Cru/AIA staff member, spiritual leader, pastor, employer or business associate, peer and friend.  If you do not personally know a Cru/AIA staff member, you may substitute that reference with an additional spiritual leader reference.

·      Intern, Stint, Part-time applicants: A total of four references are needed - a Cru/AIA Staff Member, spiritual leader, peer and friend).  If you do not personally know a Cru/AIA staff member, you may substitute that reference with an additional spiritual leader reference.

Please do not use any family members, boyfriends, spouses etc as references. Within the online application once  you enter your reference information you will send out the reference request to each person as per the instruction sheet.

Please note: According to Cru policy, non-U.S. citizens applying for employment (regardless of employment category) must do so within their own country. If this applies to you, we ask that you contact the Cru or AIA national office within your country for more information.

What is a Completed Application?

It’s important that you complete the following steps by the application deadline. We want to be sure that there is sufficient time to evaluate your application and give you a decision before your training registration deadline. 

  • Submit your completed online application. This is a detailed lengthy application that can be filled out over time.
  • All reference forms completed.  HR will notify you each time one has been completed.
  • Full time staff will have an interview.
  • Pay your $50 application fee.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

Expect the application process to take a minimum of two months from the time we receive your completed application (see above) until you receive your final decision. Therefore, you should plan to apply at least three months prior to your desired training dates.

If you have any questions, please email us.


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